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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" . juliet: a troubleshooting leaves a mother and son dead on staten island. police are looking for the gunman this morning. we will bring you the update . >> investigators are looking into the brussels terror attacks but there is still a man hunt going on. liz has the latest. juliet: there are still people missing. we are remembering a brilliant comedian . gary shandling passed away and he shocked all of his friends. many were hanging out with him over the weekend at the age of 66. good friday morning. >> robert moses , you look nice . >> so do you, juliet . >> is that meant? >> what would you
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before i think we are all in easter mode. i don't know. i think it's not quite daiquiri ice.look at you . it's the second time you mentioned it. that's what i am still wondering. maybe i am jumping for some . >> is disappointing when you put the chocolate sprinkles on it. >> why would you do that? juliet: i like a little crunch with my creamy . you have to try something else. >> we have interesting weather changing upon us. we have to do a flashback. we were hoping for warmer temperatures and it's 550 for the high in central park. 56 in newark and 58 in sussex. out there this morning at another story. temperatures are milder this go-round and we have
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it's fairly cool out there now but temperatures are going to climb up into an impressive range here later on with a wind direction coming in from the east. it's starting to switch directions and come in from the south. once it gets going, we will pull in the warmer temperatures. right now we look at the cooler temperatures with the wind coming in to the west. we don't see too much going on with a live radar picking up on the rainfall with heavier pockets possible as we get deeper into the day. right now, they are not showing up with a front approaching the tri-state region with clouds taken in . showers head into western new jersey and they come in across the poconos. that's giving us a lot to deal with as we go into the morning commute . they should pop into the morning commute and rain showers will be out there as well as the possibility
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things should dry out with a general trend. high temperature goes up to 170 higher. the high gets to 54 on saturday and the bunny rabbit comes to town on sunday. let's bring in ines. people are traveling more. right now we have street cleaning roles suspended for good friday. meters are still in effect . we have a couple of hot spots in the tappan zee bridge. as we head towards rockland county, there is a lane blocked in a misplaced tractor-trailer here are not found weaver street. it's blocking a lane and let's take a look at the parkway over by corona avenue. the accident has been cleared away westbound close to exit 14. it's close to corona avenue. one lane is blocked while they turn on the vehicle. as for the cross rocks, you
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hamilton and is doing fine with trains running on are close. early getaways in case you leave town early. back to you. >> a mother and son are dead after a troubleshooting on staten island. >> the killer opened fire outside the mirror harbor house. it may have started as an argument over a car for sale. the gunmen shot the 21-year-old anthony rivera three times in the face and his mother heard the shots as she rushed outside . that's when the gunmen shot her in the face. he also shot on the manlike before racing from the scene and a dark-colored monday accent. he was wearing a gray hoodie. if you have any information, call crimestoppers at one 800 577 tips. >> liberty cabdriver is fighting for his life. christian and paolo picked up a fair and without warning , they stopped him in the neck severing and
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he went to st. john's hospital. he drove off in the cab and police found the abandoned vehicle on sawmill river road. call the detective division at 914377 7424. there is a $3000 reward. juliet: six people are in custody. it's in connection with the attacks in belgium. >> authorities are refusing to comment about another possible attacker on the loose. liz joins us now with more from the newsroom. liz, good morning to you. >> police are still trying to uncover the network behind the terror attacks and bustle. soldiers stop people boarding trains and pat him down. police are making more rest as the list of suspects continues to grow . >> sis suspects were arrested last night after police conducted home raids. the authorities haven't said that there is a clear link in belgium.
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scene in the suburbs outside paris. police detained a man in the advanced stages of planning the terror attack. they are looking for a possible connection to what happened in brussels . >> the government will do their utmost to shed light on these attacks and all the related events. >> they say another suspect could be linked. another man can be seen in the surveillance video carrying a large bag possibly full of explosives. police believe the sketch of the suspect is this. the government is facing criticism over its handling of the situation. administrators say the government was warned about one of the attackers who was a foreign terrorist fighter. two ministers offered to
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>> the prime minister requested this morning that i stay on. this is given the current situation that in a war situation, you cannot leave the field. >> the dead and the wounded continues to grow in the new york family waits for answers. the siblings were not on the wanted list and are feared dead . >> he is said to meet with the officials during the five hour visit at the memorial site at the airport. it will remain closed until the 27th. back over to you, julia. >> a multibillion-dollar plan to make up in laguardia is a go . it's not going to be cheap but the port authority approve the plan. board members argued over the $4 billion project cost. you know how the projections and up .
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about how it would be managed. they say it could be a lot higher and that seems to happen in new york city. we will have a live report at the top of the hour. >> 4:38 am. the jetblue flight attendant accused of smuggling cocaine is in jail.authorities say marsha ray reynolds got spooked during a random screening at a checkpoint at lax. she kicked off her gucci heels and ran off. she left a suitcase filled with 70 pounds of cocaine. she surrendered to dea on wednesday and the defense says she may not have known about the drugs well prosecutors say she may have done this before. the judge set bail at 500,000 ordered her to remain in jail until this afternoon to get prosecutors in la a chance to look at the case . >> she is a beauty queen in jamaica so they are concerned about her being a flight risk.
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death of its former commissioner. they say she led them through the darkest days and she was a one-time deputy mayor and he says his father died from cancer and will be cremated. he was 83 years old when he died. >> a shocking just shocking and surprising. hollywood mourns the death of gary shandling. >> it's sad because he joked about his funeral in one of his last public appearances.>> what i want at my funeral is an actual boxing referee to do a count and just wave and say he's not getting up . [laughter] isn't that eerie?
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that they had it was all about death. >> was joking about how you are young if you diet 50. typically, people say that 50 is old but we're talking about robin williams . >> he is best known for the leary shandling show . no official cause of death is confirmed but his publicist says it was apparently caused by a heart attack . he was just 66. he filled in so well for johnny carson and he was such a fixture there. this guy was widely praised. >> he was a great creator. so many shows. he took to twitter to talk about it. jimmy campbell tweeted that he was as kind and generous as he was fine and that is saying a lot. >> they say he was a very special comedian with a
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mine.he made jokes and ideas for the oscars. >> still ahead, we are looking at a mild morning with showers possible. mike is watching the holiday forecast for us and it might be kind of nice this weekend. >> it's the war of the wise. donald trump and ted cruz battle it out over their spouses. it's 4:41 am. juliet: it has officially become ridiculous. [music] i sang this at electric sue
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we have rain that we will be dealing with heading into the western edges of new jersey. it's coming into pennsylvania with later showers pick up on the sky guardian. have your stuff and more solid reign over the poconos and it will be coming to us here. it's going to take some time for the rain to the in and out of the area so be patient. here is what we have. 50 in central park and the same in poughkeepsie. same in newark and 50 in montauk. it's a partly and mostly cloudy sky with wind coming in primarily from the east and northeast but they
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and come in from the south. that will start to bring in the warmer temperatures with more cloud cover and eventually rainfall. as you can see, we are seeing the first of the showers on the radar and it could take some time to hit the ground. there is rain to the west and most of it is in the light moderate category. once we get the sun out there, there will be a better potential for showers and some thundershowers to roll through the tri-state. it's not a big severe weather day but there is pockets of heavy rain when the front passes through. here is the feature cast it's generally giving a slight moderate rainfall without much going on. it should be out of here by later tonight and tomorrow morning and we are back in sunnier size coming in on saturday. we get into sunday and things are looking good . to sunday evening as we head into monday, rain makes a comeback . today is showers for the
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the afternoon and then it shuts down with a high temperature going up to 670. a high of 54 tomorrow and and dry with a high 55. more rain showers come through on monday and thursday of next week . the fox 5 weather app breaks down the day and free. let's bring in ines. it's early but folks hit the road early for the holiday. ines: people are spending time with family and all of that . problems on the expressway now . all lanes are closed in both directions. it's go to the cameras and look at the southern state parkway . it's westbound with orleans clear and it's blocking one lane with no residual delay. as for the george washington bridge, things are fine on the upper level and no problem with the
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good. >> if you haven't registered to vote, you better hurry. today is the deadline in your application has to be postmarked today. has to be received no later than march 30 to be eligible to vote in april 19 primary. new york is a closed primary. what that means is you have to be a registered republican to vote in the republican race or a registered democrat to vote in democratic race. >> this has become absurd. that's my opinion. the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is escalating . crews fired back this week on twitter after trump retweeted this meme of his wife side-by-side with ted cruz his wife. she has a not so flattering facial expression at a campaign rally in wisconsin. crews basically lost it at trump.
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>> seeing him go deeper and deeper into the gutter . it's not easy to take me off. i don't get angry often but you mess with my wife and you mess with my kids that does it every time. donald you are a sniveling coward and you leave heidi the hell alone . >> staring at the camera . [laughter] trump mentioned heidi cruz when a conservative pack ran a conservative campaign using the photo you of milani at trump posting partially nude. it wasn't cruz who did it . they supported crews against trump but trump didn't get it at the time. anyway, cruz says he had nothing to do with the ad so why are you attacking my wife and family? chris, what would you do if or your wife?
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go for it! take my wife! when you are married to them? what would you have done? ines: i would've said go ahead. i would say good, you fight them. you like how he acted like ted pilot . nothing to do with it. remember how dirty they have been in this campaign. and the flyers they sent out donald that's over the top . get control of your anger management issues. wife battles my wife usually battles against me in court. they'll group up and attack me . no one comes to my aid. >> you don't deserve anyone to come to
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curtis: where is ben? he had this stuff and is here the other day. whatever he puts in his hair. that cream. a little dab will do . [laughter] juliet: oh boy. i don't even know where to go with this. juliet: let's just get it over with. >> my 62nd birthday. who would've thought? since you are not married and you don't have anyone chasing you these days we have given you this and there is some candy here . it's easter themed. someone is eating it already . robert: i thought we were testing it. juliet: i thought of you when i was packing my purse and i brought some robin
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they are made in whoppers. >> it's the kindest thing you've ever done. >> they were sent to me by karen . >> can i accompany you on fifth avenue for the easter day parade as you style and profile there? curtis: come on! it's my birthday. be nice. juliet: i thought it was going to be zebra? curtis: i go everything in between. juliet: do you have any comments? very quickly. kelly's kept the brussels attack. can we ask you about this beauty queen who was busted at lax. she was allegedly carrying all this cocaine. she runs away . somehow , she still makes it to jfk ? i am confused. she could be out on bail. she's been held now.
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that she is a flight risk? she has family and friends the seven she is like the female version of .she was a track runner at nyu. let me tell you definitely! i could see jamaica in her future! that's for sure . robert: is anyone else worried about airport security? happen . curtis: eyes and she only supposed to carry 50 pounds? 70 pounds? happy birthday, enjoy your weekend with your friend! robert: curtis, great job. i hope you have a very average birthday. curtis: go back to doing your street reports. you guys are like donald trump and ted cruz. juliet: noon 3:00 in the
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from 5:00 6:00 pm. robert: good to see you not really. sports is next. good day early call is coming back.
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we are waiting for the rain to come in. looks like it's making progress from pennsylvania heading into northwestern new jersey. it did the light stuff that we have now that we expand the view out and you will see a few showers make their way through for the first half of the day. amateur wise, 500 in central park and 46 and bridgeport. showers get going and it's a little bit windy. 67 today and it's nice and sunny over the holiday weekend. juliet: thank you. we were discussing our culinary delight. duke is off this morning. he is not here so we will look at the nba and sports. robert: lebron james put up 10 points for the cavs.
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the lane and it's an eastern conference leader at 104. >> ,should they pay for him? lexi needs more! >> the next be the bowls in chicago. last night they were at the garden and he did it again. kristaps porzingis had 19 points. he knocked down there's no upsets in the south region. they were ranked maryland at 79/63. 8268 and oklahoma beat texas a&m . i hope this weekend there is some upset. last night went according to plan. i like it when they are wild and crazy.>> i want kansas out! the jayhawks?>> who has a jayhawk as a mascot?
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watching at this very early 5:00 am's mostly cloudy and breezy. maybe some patchy fog and rain showers . for the rest of the day it's looking good. things are looking good. >> my cousin details coming >> my cousin details coming up. staten island are wounded and they're still searching for the gunman. six people are arrested and reads . we have a live report


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